The Accidental Project Manager: A Danger or perhaps an Chance?

The Accidental Project Manager: A Danger or perhaps an Chance?

Are you currently an accidental project manager?

Hopefully that nobody get offended with this term since using this term in our opinion isn’t offensive whatsoever, rather it reflects a typical reality. However, in situation anybody resist the word, we truly apologize ahead of time and humbly request you to continue reading and you will discover our intentions are good-hearted.


So what exactly is the accidental project manager? Could it be somebody that is clumsy and stumbles into a lot of accidents? Definitely not!

It’s a term that somewhat present with use. It typically describes an expert who’s educated, experienced, and practicing in a single function or domain, for example: engineering, programming, marketing, human sources, finance, general business, art, and healthcare, among a number of other fields. This professional, at some point, is given the job of building a project associated with their function or department, just like an engineering related project, learning and development project, a media project, or other project. Now, the task is the fact that more frequently than none, this professional might possibly not have any experience or education or learning project management software yet they’re still requested to handle a task.

Quite simply, the professional is accidentally, or by accidentOrchance, reach run a project although which was unlikely a frequent career choice. Handling the project could be on the part-time or full-time basis. When the project is finished, the professional resume their normal functional responsibilities and perhaps never run a project again.

The Chance

For a lot of professionals the above mentioned produce an excellent chance. An chance to defend myself against new stuff, and get new and highly valuable skills management techniques. These skills have been in demand in the current economy and existence and therefore are transferable to a lot of domains, including managing personal non-work initiatives.

When the person will a good job in handling the first project, she/he may get an chance to handle another, and the other, and perhaps shift totally into project management software and be a job project manager. A job PM is somebody that chose project management software like a career choice and shifted from whatever career these were in before. The transition may not be easy but could be quite rewarding.

The Threats

The threat towards the professional and also the organization would be that the accidental PM may not be prepared to run a project and for that reason they may not prosper around the first project. When the project includes a significant amount of complexity, then your project could even fail and we’re prone to blame the work manager. Could this function as the error from the accidental PM? Essentially, the professional is offered a brand new “challenge” because the boss may have stated, yet this professional who’s because of the challenge might possibly not have the options that’s essential for a good career project manager. Further, this individual might possibly not have received the required education or understand how to manage the projects and wouldn’t be fair responsible her/him.

Therefore, the threat within this situation is double edge: around the personal aspects, the accidental project manager will probably feel accountable for the failure which situation might hurt them professionally and personally. In some instances the effects might be severe and harmful towards the person’s career. Another aspect with this scenario is the business aspect. Here there exists a unsuccessful project with cost and schedule impact – a minimum of. When the project is perfect for a customer, the harm might be significant.

In a nutshell, all involved lose within this scenario.

The Answer

One option would be to possess all project managers educated and been trained in project management software but we don’t believe this really is essential for all kind of projects. For major capital investment projects, and projects that are important for a corporation we want the required preparation before we ought to place a project manager in control.

However, many projects, especially individuals within our day-to-day existence and business, could be managed effectively with accidental project managers with a few preparation. But we ought to not toss the person in to the sea and expect these to achieve the shores securely if they don’t understand how to go swimming. We have to educate them the required to outlive, maybe inside a large pool and never the sea for that sea we want a specialist swimmer.

Exactly how should we do this? Possess the professional creates projects to determine what it’s like. Provide some fundamental project management software learning possibilities. Possess the person act as a helper project manager underneath the supervision of the more knowledgeable professional. Many of these actions will enhance the risk of success and reduce the risk of failure. By doing this, we’d have effectively managed the chance of the accidental project manager and also the professional gain additional skills as the organization enjoys the advantages of a brand new products or services.

For those professionals in the world, welcome the chance to handle a task and it will improve your existence. When the organization provides you with the job without most dependable ready, prepare by yourself – ask for the new understanding and best of learn to put it on.

You want an enjoyable and exciting journey of learning and growth.

Incidentally, the writer began his career being an engineer after which gone to live in projects.

Mounir A. Ajam is definitely an executive using more than 25 years or so of professional global experience of project management software, mostly within the oil industry and it has provided services across various industries and sectors. Mounir experience is global and filled with the U . s . States, Uk, East Asia and West Asia. Mounir Ajam may be the co-founder and Chief executive officer of SUKAD FZ-LLC a number one provider of Integrated Project Management Software Solutions that’s located in Dubai, the Uae.

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